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Semantic Tank Antics

  Rating: Everyone

Pilot the semantic-tank to retrieve the scattered letters of the words removed from the quotations.

Instructions: Difficult words have been removed from quotations and their letters have been scattered. Retrieve the letters and return them to their respective quotations. Use the mouse to pilot the semantic-tank, the letter keys to target the respective letters, the number keys to jettison respective letters from the hold and enter to unload the letters into a quotation.

Controls: "SPACE": "activate the traction beam", "fire": "na", "ENTER": "deposit the cargo of letters (must be near a quotation)", "Double Click": "teleport tank (must be locked on distant letter)", "jump": "na", "Number keys": "jettison respective letters from hold", "Letter keys": "target respective letters", "movement": "mouse"

Author: richthepanda
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